Fuel injector flow matching 

With all the aftermarket products available to improve your motorcycles engine performance such as exhaust systems, camshafts, pistons etc. most people don't give much thought to the fuel injectors. The similarity of your four cylinder engine can be compared to a team of four horses pulling a wagon. If one of your four horses was dragging his feet he would slow down the other three horses. This same principle can be applied to the four cylinders of your engine. If just one of your injectors is a little bit dirty and is flowing just slightly less fuel then the other three this will effect engine performance. Even if you Dyno tune or auto tune your engine there is no way to compensate for this imbalance since the tune is based on the sum of all four cylinders air fuel ratio. For this very reason if you don't first flow match your fuel injectors you will not achieve maximum engine performance. As a result of all the additives in today's fuels your injectors will eventually develop some build up which will effect the balance of your injectors. The picture shown below gives you a good visual picture of how the fuel injectors flow rate can begin to deteriorate as a result of this build up. If your goal is to extract maximum performance from your engine then fuel injector flow matching must be part of your engine performance strategy. We can achieve better then two percent match of your fuel injectors with our flow matching service which will result in a more accurate final tune and much improved engine throttle response and horsepower output. Also an added bonus is improved fuel economy. We will include a pre-flow rate and a post flow rate data sheet so you can see the improvement in flow rate and how well matched your injectors are after the service. The following is a list of all that is included with our fuel injector flow matching service:

Media blast injector metal surfaces

Leak test

Spray pattern / flow rate pre-test

Dynamic ultrasonic bath

High pressure back flush cleaning

Spray patter / flow rate post test

Install new o-rings and seal



Fuel injector flow matching prices


8 injectors - $235.00 + $9.95 shipping

4 injectors - $135.00 + $9.95 shipping

2 injectors - $85.00 + $9.95 shipping


  When you send us your fuel injectors please separate and label the primary injectors and the secondary injectors. That way when we do our pre-test and the post test the data sheet will reflect the correct information.